AWAPAC 2019 Social Media Toolkit

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most powerful channels we can all use to promote participation in Advertising Week APAC. To aid you in promoting your presence at the event, we've compiled the following tips and tools.

Social Media Tips


The official hashtag of Advertising Week APAC across all social platforms is #AWAPAC. As we have several social initiatives running throughout the week, please use only #AWAPAC to ensure maximum exposure to your messaging. Please refrain from using variations such as #AdWeekApac, #AWAPAC2019, etc.


We welcome the use of additional, secondary hashtags in your AWAPAC-related social messaging, but ask that you please do include #AWAPAC along with them.


Due to the sheer volume of tweets and other social messaging during the Week, retweets and reposting of your messaging is nearly impossible for our team to keep up with. That said, we welcome you to send a tweet or two that you would like sent through our twitter channel @AWAPAC_ in advance of the event. Please email them, along with desired days and times for posting, to Again, due to volume we ask that you limit these to 2 at maximum. We want to make sure everyone's participation is equally noted.


Lastly, we've constructed a set of social images, one set for Twitter and another for Instagram and Facebook, that can assist you in promoting your participation at Advertising Week APAC. Please feel free to use them with your tweets and postings as needed. Additionally, we've included templates for each so that you can tailor the messaging within the images.



If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact Advertising Week's Social Coordinator, Hayley Sunderman, at

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