AWMoms is a committee of moms who work inside and outside of the home; For themselves, for organizations, corporations, and for their families. 

Collectively, the AWMoms are focused on widening the lines of communication, generating conversations and forging collaborations that produce actionable initiatives which will act as the catalyst for real solutions.




The AWMoms debuted as part of the Future Is Female track of session topics at the Advertising Week 2019 event, and will have impact far beyond just one event. The mission of AWMoms extends beyond talk into action with plans to implement real world, experienced, recommendations for companies and families on what can be done to help moms to excel at both jobs.




The AWMoms committee is comprised of professional moms at all career stages including those who joined us on the #AWNewYork 2019 Mom Bosses Panel. There we explored all of the issues with c-suite moms (UWG, Deloitte, Soulcycle) will discuss the great values of having moms in leadership roles, the physical, mental and emotional challenges for moms in the workplace, and how the future of work can be more inclusive for moms. In order to keep the momentum going, the AWMoms will continue to meet, plan, network and support throughout the year. 




At Advertising Week, we want to use our event as a platform to help the industry be a genuinely great place for all Moms - from returners to seasoned- to thrive and contribute to future success or their work and home lives.




If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact Advertising Week's Marketing Director, Morgan Martins, at

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