Wednesday, 31 July at 4:40 PM  ●  Mi3 Stage @ Big Top Lower Foyer

How Not to F#ck Up a Merger

As the industry evolves, there’s no shortage of buyouts and mergers as businesses attempt to rehabilitate legacy companies and perform acts of matrimony on befitting organisations.

Media is arguably the most disrupted sector. This panel will tackle how those at the top navigate change, and build culture and workforces for the future to ensure the new businesses thrive.

Whilst we are busy assessing the business outcomes from the bottom line, how do we define success in terms of people, culture and performance? View More

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Paul Sigaloff Managing Director Verizon Media
Karen Halligan Practice Lead Media Advisory KPMG
Alex Hayes Principal Clear Hayes Consulting
Peter Vogel CEO Wavemaker
Laura Aldington CEO Host/Havas
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