The Art and Science of Emotional Storytelling

Tuesday, 30 July at 2:40 PM

Verizon Media Stage @ Big Top Upper Foyer    View Map

In this session...

We all know we pay more attention and are invested when our brain is engaged emotionally. In this CNN hosted session, you'll hear from a cognitive neuroscientist about how the brain reacts to emotionally resonating content and how storytellers and brands can come together to stand out and connect with audiences.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How the brain responds to emotional storytelling and content
  2. The value of cause marketing
  3. How emotional connections may change the future of marketing and advertising

Presented with


Pippa Scaife Commercial Director, Digital Ad Sales and Data CNN
Joel Pearson Director Future Minds Lab, UNSW
Brent Smart CMO IAG
Paul McIntyre Executive Editor Mi3Australia

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