What’s Contagious, Infectious, and More Powerful Than Viral Content? A Smile.

Tuesday, 30 July at 3:40 PM

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In this session...

We live in a world obsessed with viral content. Whether its social likes, video views or consumer engagement metrics. Do we sometimes forget the human to human engagement metrics?
Within the movements of mindfulness, health & wellness, consumption choices are beginning to change but that’s not enough. Education & more meaningful life experiences are key.
A smile makes connections. Dr Angie Lang, dentist, & product expert talks us through the links between smiles, mental & physical health and her new product, Swirlit.

"I want to share something with you. It’s infectious and contagious. It’s not an illness! But I want to make it viral. An idea and expression that I want to share from one person to the next. I want to share a smile.

Think of the person you love most. Picture their smile. It’s beautiful. It’s memorable. Behind that smile you love, is also one of the determinants for long term health and wellness. Smiles are my life."

Angie Lang is a dentist with a degrees in health law, nuclear medicine and recently, innovation. Based on the needs of her dental patients she has developed a new functional oral health drink.

Her stories are those of her patients. One was the victim of domestic violence. Her husband hit her to the point of breaking her teeth. Her journey was one of rebuilding confidence to make a change. Another was doomed to have major dental intervention until naturopathic solutions changed the course of her disease, and led Angie on a journey to learn more.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The importance of smiling and the link to mental & physical health
  2. Building innovation based on real consumer insight
  3. Developing a learning or growth mindset to drive innovation

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Angie Lang Founder Swirlit

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