TV’s Tipping Point: Streaming Has Become Mainstream

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More people than ever are streaming video content. Whether it be on a smart TV, a mobile phone or any other kind of connected device, it’s clear that OTT usage has grown to make up a significant portion of all consumer time spent with media, and it’s not slowing anytime soon.

Dallas Lawrence, chief brand officer at OpenX, takes the stage to share insights and key learnings from “The 2019 OTT Consumer Report,” followed by a lively discussion among industry leaders on how marketers can navigate this lucrative space.

Advertisers must rethink their TV and video strategies and learn how to strike up meaningful connections with consumers in uncharted territory. Excessive password sharing, on-the-go viewing and screen sizes ranging from tiny hand-held devices to big screen TVs (to name a few), all add unique complications to getting the consumer experience right. And, with no sign of OTT usage slowing down, the industry must take a hard look at the $150+ billion spent on TV ads worldwide and ensure it’s being used in a way that provides the best return for advertisers. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn about consumer behavior and streaming in the constantly evolving CTV/OTT space
  2. Gain a deeper understanding into the hurdles that need to be cleared in order to move more ad dollars to OTT
  3. Rethink TV and video ad strategies and learn how to strike up meaningful connections with streamers

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Dallas Lawrence Chief Brand Officer OpenX
Gai Le Roy CEO IAB Australia
Sarah Keith Managing Director Publicis Media Exchange
James Bayes Network Head of Digital Sales Seven
Venessa Hunt GroupM Digital Strategy and Investment Officer

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