Global Keynote Series: Why is Trust a Brand’s Most Valuable Asset?

Tuesday, 30 July at 10:10 AM

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In this session...

In today’s polarised world, Activist Citizens are driving a step change in the way brands build trusted and transparent relationships with people and their communities. There are many ways for a brand to build trust—and just as many ways to lose it. An occasional misstep may be forgiven, but once trust has been broken it can be very difficult for a brand to ever fully recover. Even purpose or values-driven marketing can lead to controversy, generate a backlash, or be seen as a form of “trust-washing.”

What is the importance of brand trust, and how can brands earn and spark conversations and start movements?

Edelman’s latest global study exploring brands and their relationships with people, to be launched in June, gives brands a roadmap to the attributes, messages, channels, spokespeople and influencers that can help build trusted brands.

Why trusts matters for brands
· The brand trust journey
· How brands can earn and keep trust View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why trust matters for brands
  2. Mapping the brand trust journey
  3. How brands can earn and keep trust


Michelle Hutton Managing Director, Global Client Strategy Edelman

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