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There is no question that TV is the king of building brands. However, with consumers’ viewing behaviors changing, and technology advancing rapidly, marketers are quickly adapting their ad strategies to connect with consumers who demand anytime, anywhere programming. The session includes a discussion about the evolution of Connected TV advertising and what it means for the future of TV, followed by a look at the key issues that must improve for wider adoption of CTV advertising, such as targeting, scale and measurement.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How brands and agencies are embracing Connected TV
  2. Understanding consumer behavior and audience profiles across the Connected TV landscape
  3. What is holding back advertising spend on Connected TV?
  4. How to reach audiences at scale while still making use of the data and targeting capabilities that make Connected TV unique

Presented with


Shane Hanby Country Manager - ANZ dataxu
Kim Portrate CEO ThinkTV
Ilda Jamison Managing Director - ANZ SpotX
Ben Campbell Director of Advertising & Data Products Nine

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