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Exploring the cultural identity of young Australians today, Amplify extend our Young Blood platform to look into the hopes, fears and realities associated with coming of age in a changing society. We asked our audience of 2,030 young Aussies who they are and how they felt about everything from brand ethics to socialising with friends to a future with AI.

For anyone who wants to connect with their 18-30-year-old Australian audience, this session will be full of relevant insight, practical tips and best in class examples.

What we found will change your perception of the young people you think you know. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. A deeper understanding of your 18-30 year old Australian audience and their cultural identity.
  2. Relevant insight, practical tips and best in class examples to help you connect with them.
  3. Deep dives into technology, retail, sport, alcohol, food and drink.
  4. Information to help guide your brand/marketing strategy, inform creative and inspire campaigns.
  5. How each of the key findings can be directly actioned by your brand.

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Krupali Cescau Brand Director Amplify
Gus Magee Associate Creative Director Amplify

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Event Type Seminar

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