Machine Learning From Marketing's Past

Tuesday, 31 July at 1:55 PM

The Trade Desk Stage @ Big Top Upper Foyer    View Map

In this session...

In this panel discussion we explore how failed historical marketing fads inspire new approaches with AI. We'll discuss disruptive trends in marketing that have left a trail of data that can train AI. With hindsight we'll explore the signals that can avoid waste and help us team up with machines to make a more fruitful future.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How smart marketers can cash in on utility while better serving their customers
  2. Understanding your brand using emotional analytics
  3. Connecting with the customers pre and post sale
  4. Evolving in-store engagement in a world of online retail


Vince Lynch CEO IV.AI
Mark Baartse CMO Showpo
Jason Luma-Ross Head of Technology Industry Strategy, APAC Facebook
Pauline Pangan Founder and President AFDigital

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Event Type Seminar

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