Delivering on Customer Expectations: Powering Creativity with Data

Tuesday, 30 July at 3:00 PM

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In this session...

Hear how today’s brands are running integrated campaigns to deliver exceptional experiences across Paid, Owned & Earned channels from Red Cross Blood Service’s Head of Integrated Marketing Channels Jude Leon, CEO of Cummins & Partners Chris Jeffares & Adobe Advertising Cloud. ​

The shift to digital means the modern consumer can now learn, evaluate & buy products in almost any industry without ever talking to a human. This has given brands more data than ever before with which to understand & orchestrate customer journeys to deliver them personalised experiences as they follow this journey. However, this has dramatically raised the level of customer expectations to provide them with the information & content they want, wherever they interact with a brand. Learn how you can combine the science of data with the art of creativity to not just satisfy, but delight customers & drive brand awareness, connection, retention & affinity in the modern landscape. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to Deliver Connected Advertising Experiences, On Site & Off Site
  2. Combining Big Brand Campaigns with Personalised Performance Marketing to Deliver Integrated Campaigns
  3. How to Leverage Talent within Your Organisation & Partners to Deliver on Brand Outcomes

Presented with


Chris Jeffares CEO & Founding Partner Cummins&Partners
Jude Leon Head of Integrated Marketing Communications Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Nick McLachlan Product Marketing Manager – Advertising, APAC Adobe

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Event Type Seminar

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