Announcing the Thought Leadership Tracks at AWAPAC


Advertising Week’s inaugural APAC event kicks off in Sydney July 31 – August 2 for three days of seminars, workshops and entertainment centered around creativity, business, marketing and technology.

To give you an idea of how the content is going to pan out, here’s a taster. We introduce you to the programming tracks for Advertising Week Asia Pacific:


The pace and rapidity at which the AI space changes is mind boggling. From voice assistants to autonomous vehicles, AI opens up opportunities once impossible for brands.  From question marks surrounding its future, to innovative brand examples, the AI track will arm you with the tools you need to feel informed.

Video + Content

What was the ‘pivot to video’, and why have so many said that it has fallen flat? Who uses content in interesting ways, who doesn’t? Learn how to crack the game and use video and content to your advantage on this track.


‘Data is the new oil’ was the line proclaimed to be true by so many. There’s no denying the transformative effect that the digitalisation of industries has had on the business ecosystem. But is it as valuable as it once was? Find out what the future holds on the Data Track at Advertising Week APAC.

Brand + Agency Models

Concern swept through the advertising and marketing world a few years ago upon news that the consultants had their eyes firmly set on shaking up the industry. This, and many other factors have led to the agency model to change with rapidity. See what’s next on the Brand and Agency Models Track.


There are 6.4 devices per Australian household on average, a figure set to rise further by 2021. It leaves advertisers and brands faced with the challenge of connecting the dots and understanding where their customers are at all times. Learn how you can adapt and use digital to build strong connections with customers on their digital journey from start to finish.

Creative Storytelling

Creativity is the backbone of this great industry, without it where would we be? Whether it is learning from film directors, or simply showcasing great creative work across novel platforms, the Creative Storytelling Track will leave you feeling energized and excited.


Diversity is at the root of creativity, and diversity in the workforce is critical to reach consumers across different backgrounds. Hear how businesses are getting it right, and how bringing cultures together makes for the best possible result.


Explore the importance of taking risks in business, and how innovative thinking is the do-or-die for staying ahead of the curve.

Sport & Entertainment

Dive deep into fan fascination, and learn how marketers can win big in the media, celebrity, sports and entertainment worlds.

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